Dec 5, 2007

Sketchbook Redux (43 Sketches)

Super Scifi Surfer babe
Pygmy Dragon
Brem Invid Cyborg
Mad Mecha
Trike design
Random Penned Face
J Okros Smutty Worm
Lord DR
Radley Scott
Miroku Fox
E-Manual Maus
Azerath V Mauser
Illuminati Millitias Series of Drawings
Jubal Alvaro DeSoto
The Grendel
Ledversion: The Fantastic Four
Anatomic Droid
Ezra the Ezran
School Landscape Project
Corner House Lot Drawing
Ace Warrior
Powerpuff League
Darque Lord
Ledversion: Cat Woman
Ledversion: Batgirl
Fantasy Police
Sable Ice
Ledversion: Harley 2020
The Grue
Assassin Grrl
Dragon Rider
Vetran Knight
Contrast Skull
Shaded Contrasts
Nude Study
Gamestalks logo

So it begins, I am going to start using this new blog format to post images. Hoping it will save me time. As things develope we try to keep up with change and so if this fails, well we just go back to the drawing board. :)

Developing ideas on paper is a great creative catharsis and helps broaden your
imaginative horizons when you get those ideas out in front of you and then
either take the idea and expand on it with newer ideas or dispose of it. This is
a collection of those ideas on paper. The 'led soul' of a drawing.

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